Clinical & Anatomic Pathology

Clinical and anatomic pathology is located within the Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences at the University of Missouri within the School of Medicine. Faculty in clinical and anatomic pathology are involved in the education of students in the School of Medicine, School of Health Professions, and the Graduate School. The department is involved in medical student education, and supports a residency program in clinical and anatomic pathology. Residents from other training programs also may rotate through the department in order to achieve the educational goals of their residency program. In addition to primary faculty, faculty from other School of Medicine departments and the local private practice pathology community are involved in the programs of clinical and anatomic pathology.

The Division of Clinical Pathology is responsible for handling all testing of patient specimens. Pathology clinical services are provided to University of Missouri Healthcare System facilities, Harry S Truman Veteran’s Hospital, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, and Columbia Regional Hospital. The clinical pathology laboratories include all areas of diagnostic laboratories involved in analyzying fluid specimens, such as blood samples, CSF samples, urine samples, and pathologic effusions. The testing is provided through specific clinical laboratories, including clinical chemistry, hematology, special chemistry, microbiology, serology, blood bank, coagulation laboratory, histocompatability (HLA) laboratory, ANA laboratory, diabetes laboratory, biochemical genetics, molecular pathology, flow cytometry, toxicology and drug testing, and a small number of satellite laboratories within clinics. Phlebotomy (having your blood drawn) can be arranged at any of the satellite laboratory locations. All staff pathologists are board certified in their specialties, and are available to answer specific questions for physicians. (Patient inquiries are generally re-directed to your physician, who can help explain test results with you.)

The Division of Anatomic Pathology is responsible for examination and diagnosis of tissue specimens obtained by physicians of the University of Missouri Health Care facilities. In addition specimens are sent to our pathologists for consultation from other hospitals and clinical practices. Biopsies are reviewed in Surgical Pathology, where a pathologist examines the specimen using a microscope, and arrives at a pathologic diagnosis. At times, a surgical pathology diagnosis also includes an analysis of proteins expressed (immunohistochemistry) in the tissue, or the fine structure of individual cells (electron microscopy). The evaluation of individual cells is conducted in the Cytopathology Laboratory. The most common specimens are Pap smears, but a variety of other cytologic samples, such as transbronchial washings, pleural effusions, or fine-needle aspiration biopsies, are also prepared in the cytopathology laboratory.

Forensic pathology services are provided for surrounding county governments and is a resource for coroners and medical examiners in central and other regions of Missouri. The Division of Forensic Pathology also oversees the autopsy service for the hospitals served. The Forensic Pathology division recently occupied a new state-of-the-art autopsy and investigation facility within the School of Medicine.

Faculty in clinical and anatomic pathology are involved in basic science research, translational research, and clinical studies. Some studies involve the discipline of laboratory medicine, some the discipline of anatomic pathology, and some are within other research focus-groups within the department. Pathology-designated space within the School of Medicine houses most of the department's research laboratories, and the medical examiner investigation facilities. Questions may be directed to the administrative offices of the department.


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