Ranadhir Mitra, Ph.D.


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Ranadhir MitraAssociate Professor and Scientific Director, Pathology Special Chemistry Laboratory
phone: 573-882-1279
email: mitrar@missouri.edu
Biographical sketch

BVSc & AH in Veterinary Medical Sciences, University of Bihar, Patna, India

MS in Extension Education, University of Missouri, Columbia

PhD in Environmental Physiology, University of Missouri, Columbia

Additional study:
Post-doctoral Fellowship in Environmental Physiology, University of Missouri, Columbia

Academic Appointments:
Joint appointment in School of Health Related Professions and Radiology, UMC

Assistant Professor in Pathology Clinical Chemistry, UMC

Assistant Instructor (Bengali) in South Asia Studies Program, UMC

Graduate Faculty, UMC

Committee Appointments:
Continuing Education Committee, School of Health Related Professions, UMC

Research Council, School of Health Related Professions, UMC

Curriculum Committee, School of Health Related Professions, UMC

Radiation Safety Committee, UMC

Art & Archaeology Advisory Board, UMC

Student Organizations Government Activities (SOGA), UMC

Minority Affairs Committee, UMC

Radioisotope User Permit, UMC


  • scientific enquiry for markers of various maladies in blood and tissue
  • evaluation/implementation of test procedures for assay of those markers thereof to enhance clinical laboratory services
  • residency education

Research description
Dr. Mitra's research is focused in exploring biomolecules associated with various diseases and to evaluate and implement appropriate test procedures for clinical laboratory service. His involvement includes development of Radioimmunoassay for growth hormone, steroid receptor assays for assessment of hormone responsiveness in breast cancer tissue specimen. Spearheading Quad tests (alphafetoprotein, beta-hCG, UE3 and Inhibin-A) in maternal serum and amniotic fluids for screening genetic birth defects in fetus; sweat chloride tests for cystic fibrosis; immunoassays for various allergens, tumor markers, circulating antibodies to infectious bacterial and viral pathogens; electrophoretic assessment of hemoglobin abnormalities; mycobacterium TB screening using interferon-gamma release in response to MTB antigen challenge in-vitro by QuantiFeron-Gold InTube (QFT-GIT) blood test; Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) blood IGg screening to test for exposure to chicken pox/shingles etc are a few examples of his work in the Pathology Special Chemistry area.

Representative Publications

  • Mitra, R., Christison, G.I. and Johnson, H.D.: Dynamics of Growth Hormone Secretion in Chronically Heat-Stressed Cattle. Fed. Proc. 30(2):209, 1971
  • Pape, B.E., Whiting, R, Parker, K.M. and Mitra, R.: Enzyme Immunoassay and Gas-Liquid Chromatography Compared for the Determination of Lidocaine in Serum. Clin. Chem. 24:2020-2022, 1978.
  • Tyrer, H.W., Pipho, C.J., Mitra, R. and Oxenhandler, R.W.: Studies to Detect Estrogen Receptors in Intact Cells using Cytofluorometric Techniques. Cytometry 2(2):133, 1981
  • Noteboom, W.D., Durham, J.B. and Mitra, R.: Variations in the Levels of Estrogen Receptors in Prolactin Producing Pituitary Tumor Cells. J. Steroid Biochem. 16(5):633-638, 1982
  • Little, R.R., England, J.D., Wiedmeyer, H.M., Erhart, P.M., Mitra, R., Durham, J.B. and Goldstein, D.E.: Interlaboratory Standardization of Glycated Hemoglobin Determinations. Clin. Chem. 32:358-360, 1986.

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